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Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnance Ceramic Fiber Muffle Furnance SX3 Model

  1. The high density ceramic fiber imported from japan ensures the reliable quality.
  2. It adopts the platinum rhodium thermocouple and import heatiing elements from japan which has sensitive response, high precision control temperature and has good thermal andurance.
  3. PID two Digital screen controller or programmable controller as requirement controller has the function of timing and over-temperature protection.
  4. Dual Ceramic Inner Chamber and hollow heat insulation ensure that outer shell is not hot and the temperature can go up quickly. Heating rates is about 60ºC/min.
  5. It has various safety protection measures, such as thermocouple failure, cut off the power automatically when open the door and over temperature protection to avoid accidents occurring.
SX3-2.5-10, Cap 2L, Inner Size 200x120x80, 1000ºC, 20Min, 2.5KW/ 220 V
SX3-4-10, Cap 7.2L, Inner Size 300x200x120, 1000ºC, 20Min, 3KW/ 220 V
SX3-8-10, Cap 16L, Inner Size 400x250x160, 1000ºC, 20Min, 8KW/ 380 V